Barcode Format – EAN-13
EAN-13 – 0731788459420
Brand or Manufacturer – Poornasattva Foods LLP
Product Name – Poshika Multigrain Nutrition Food
Category – Foods
Ingredients – Ragi, Wheat, Soya, Green Peas, Whole Bengal Gram, Foxtail Millet, Barley, Red rice, Double beans (Red), Whole Moong dal, Sesame, Flax seeds, Cashewnuts, Groundnuts, Almonds, Tapioca pearl, Fennel, Thick beaten rice, Bellar Dal.

Country – India
Additonal Information – This product is a ragi( finger millet ) based Multigrain Nutrional Food. Made of 18 ingrediants with Ragi making up a substantial component, this product is designed to serve as both a Food and a Drink. We suggest you consume it as a Food in most instances but if in an hurry consume it as a drink too when added to either Milk or Warm water.